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Mediation mit Anette von Rödern und Henning Röttger

Mediation is an out-of-court procedure for the amicable settlement of conflicts. The mediator, a neutral third party, supports the parties in developing a mutually acceptable solution to their dispute within a structured procedure.

The goal of mediation is the conclusion of a legally binding agreement that does justice to the respective interests of the negotiating parties, while respecting the legal framework.

In contrast to court decisions, fair agreements that have been worked out by the parties themselves do not generate winners or losers, and help maintain amicable relationships between the parties involved. This is particularly important in the sensitive areas of family and inheritance law, allowing family members to continue to treat each other with respect and assume joint responsibility for children.

Mediation opens up creative and flexible ways to solve conflicts, but requires that the parties involved are willing to take responsibility for developing a solution.