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Tax consultant in Unterschleißheim, Munich

Your competent tax consultant in Unterschleißheim near Munich. Tax advice for companies and private individuals, international tax law.

Tax advice

We help you prepare your accounts and payroll, annual financial statements and tax returns, and advise you on income tax and inheritance law, as well as on real estate investments.

Legal advice

We advise you in all areas of inheritance and family law, and represent your interests in court in the event of a dispute.


Conflicts are part of everyday life. As business mediators, we help you develop solutions that take into account the interests of all parties involved.

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Tax advice

Feel free to come by for a non-binding initial discussion. Over a cup of coffee, we will discuss in detail what we can do for you and what costs you should expect. When it comes to long-term tax advice, it is particular important to us that consultant and client fit together well.

Legal advice

Our lawyer will be happy to give you an initial consultation. This personal conversation serves as an initial legal assessment of your case, and to clarify further steps. The fee for an initial consultation for consumers is € 190.00 plus VAT. If you decide to commission our lawyer to pursue your case after the initial consultation, the costs of the initial consultation will be offset against the subsequent business fee. We would be happy to discuss the cost question openly with you at the beginning of the mandate.