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Henning Röttger

Partner – Business Administration graduate – Certified Tax Consultant

  • Studied Business Administration at the University of Hamburg
  • Internship in a tax consultancy partnership during studies
  • One year stay in Boston, USA
  • Several years’ experience in the tax department of an international auditing firm
  • Head of Accounting in a steel construction company
  • Independent tax consultant since 1998

Anette von Roedern

Partner – Lawyer – Mediator

  • Studied law and political science at the universities of Bonn, Geneva/Switzerland and Munich
  • Trained as business mediator, National Conflict Resolution Center, San Diego, USA
  • Specialist in inheritance law
  • Specialist in family law
  • Certified executor
  • Independent mediator and lawyer since 2006

Joachim Schlarb

Partner – Tax Administration graduate – Certified Tax Consultant

  • Apprenticeship in the Bavarian State Office for Taxes
  • Degree in Tax Administration
  • 10 years as tax auditor at the Munich Tax Office for Corporations, including 5 years in the group tax audit office
  • 6 years working in the tax department of a large international corporation
  • Independent tax consultant since 2000

Konstanze Busch

Tax Manager

Cristiana Cacalete

Tax Assistant

Karin Ebner

Tax Assistant

Diana Elsner

Bachelor of Business Administration, Tax Manager

Nicole Kalusche

Tax Manager, specialist in payroll accounting

Diana Kugler

Tax Assistant

Anette Löwhagen

Tax Manager

Julia Röttger


Uta Röttger

Office Administrator

Helma Schenk

Tax Assistant

Bärbel Schraub

Tax Manager

Bernadett Spitz


Tanja Süss

Tax Assistant